About Us


Houston Galveston Institute (HGI), d.b.a. HGI Counseling Center, is a 36-year old, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that serves the Greater Houston Area and surrounding locations.

Through the years, our therapists have been active in research & training, producing some of the most groundbreaking work and studies in family counseling in the nation. This work has propelled the organization to one of the most international & nationally recognized counseling, research & training facilities in America, & around the globe. Universities, institutes, and governments around the globe (literally) have been duplicating the HGI model and setting up family institutes also based on HGI’s programs and services. HGI also offers a training certificate that is recognized in the mental health industry around the world.

In our headquarters, located in the Greenway Plaza area at 2990 Richmond Avenue, Suite 530, HGI partners with many different organizations and community agencies, such as Harris County Domestic Relations Office (DRO),  Communities in Schools (CIS), AVANCE, and  others. HGI is continually building new partnerships throughout the community.

HGI provides counseling services, workshops, programs and services to those from all walks of life and all economic levels.

We also have therapists active in low-income communities, providing inexpensive counseling, working with children & families who have faced horrendous situations in their lives, from abuse, neglect & violence in & around their home. Without HGI’s programs & services, many of these families would not have access to counseling, someone to help them work through their challenges & find a way out of intergenerational habits & poverty.

Through this organization’s work, many of these families from low-income communities are able to move forward into training opportunities & then the workforce, setting a new example for their children – our next generation.


To transform lives and communities with innovative and collaborative therapy, training and research.


The Houston Galveston Institute is a recognized leader in the dynamic evolution of innovative, effective & accessible psychotherapy approaches.


The Houston Galveston Institute (formerly the Galveston Family Institute) was founded in 1978 by Harlene Anderson, Ph.D., Paul Dell, Ph.D., Harold Goolishian, Ph.D. & George Pulliam, M.S.W. to meet the demands of mental health professionals seeking to increase their understanding of families & further develop their skills in systems-oriented therapy with individuals, couples, families & groups.

Our collaborative approach to therapy & our collaborative language systems were developed by Dr. Anderson & Dr. Goolishian in the mid 1980’s. Collaborative therapy is now recognized as one of the current schools of family therapy & is included in graduate school textbooks.

In addition to our internationally recognized contributions to the advancement of theory, psychotherapy practice & research, HGI formalized the Multiple Impact Therapy research effort pioneered in Galveston at the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1954, which was one of the earliest federally funded family therapy projects in the U.S.