From Life’s Ashes to Standing Strong

Melinda, 49, was a happily married wife and stay-at-home mother of four boys. But, she was not aware of the disaster coming.

Three years ago, her husband walked in from work and said he was leaving, taking the four boys, had bought another house, the home they were in was on the market, he had cleaned out the bank accounts, and she needed to move out within 72 hours. She would receive $1000 a month for the rest of her life, that she could pick up at a post office box he had set up for her. He advised her to get a job.

She collapsed as he shut the door with her sons following. They had had intimate moments last night and this very morning.

The following months she became a walking zombie.

Her parents were dead, and she was an only child, she had no place to go.

Six months later, Melinda was standing at a bus stop frozen. A woman stopped and asked her if she needed anything:

“Where should I go?” Melinda said.

“Where do you live?” asked the stranger.

“Behind that building, I have a tent,” Melinda said.

“Come with me,” the stranger added.

This stranger knew that for Melinda to get her life back, she first had to be healthy emotionally, so she took her to a HGI’s Walk-In Counseling, where no appointment is necessary, and no cost for those who cannot pay.

If this stranger had found Melinda a home, given her money, she would still not be functioning. She needed help with the emotional devastation of her husband abandoning her and taking her children. With counseling, Melinda could heal and move forward with finding employment as she had been a teacher prior to having children.

She does not need to stay down, broken. She can rise out of her ashes and she can fight for herself.

Melinda went through counseling, she did grow emotionally healthy, she did move forward.

Today, she has her sons living with her and she receives a nice child support check from her ex-husband monthly. But she could not have done this alone, she needed a safe place to talk it out, encouragement, and support.

This is what HGI does for their clients, they help them heal, they provide a safe place for them to talk it out, with encouragement, and a mountain of support.

If you would like to help the other Melinda’s out there, please donate to HGI’s end of the year giving, by clicking here.