“I have had great help in calming down since therapy, I am able to take things slow at times. Talking with my therapists is like having angels looking out for me, I greatly appreciate the time they have took to talk with me.”

“You listen.”

“…provided me a place to trust.”

“you asked me questions that make me think”

“Therapy has helped me. It has been good to talk with someone that listens to what I am saying and leaves me with something to think about when I leave. I have learned many things about myself.”

“Therapy has helped to organize my feelings about my life choices, and with continued sessions I hope to know which path to take with my life.”

”I started seeing Sue after a long run with my previous therapist. I needed something new and more dynamic, and some fresh perspectives on the issues that brought complication to my life. I was instantly pleased with what Sue brings to the table. She was transparent from the beginning about her approach to therapy and how she works in a therapeutic relationship. My comfort level during sessions was never compromised and I could always count on a compassionate ear that was no less than genuine. I never felt like I was doing the hard work alone. I felt like I had a professional partner ready to help arm me with the tools I needed to better my life. Sue also called me on my stuff when I was being less than honest with myself (or her). She walks a fine line between active listening and providing feedback and made necessary adjustments based on what I most needed at the time. I have never worked so hard to change what needed changing and I attribute that to the atmosphere she creates, the attitude she brings and her generosity of spirit.”

“It’s not an exaggeration to say these are trying times. Economic woes have a tendency to bring to light and exacerbate already existing problems, so there’s a lot of folks out there who are close to the end of their rope. Many people think therapy simply isn’t an option due to its cost-prohibitive nature–which isn’t the case. Luckily, there are amazing community resources like Houston-Galveston Institute that are here to help.

I attended HGI for a few sessions back when I needed help getting over a messy breakup that coincided with a major life change. I was paired up with a counselor that was smart and empathetic, yet knew exactly when to turn my statements on their head and force me to look at my situation in a completely different way, which made it seem a lot less overwhelming. Their office is housed in a beautiful 1920′s mansion, which makes you feel immediately at ease. Sitting on a couch in the parlor and talking to your counselor feels much more natural than being forced into a sterile, clinical environment. Though I went for individual counseling, they also offer couples counseling and therapy sessions targeted for children…”
-review from Yelp.com

“I am the social worker for psychiatry and psychology services and until July 2013, I was a case manager.You guys were one of my favorite referrals then and I don’t know why I haven’t thought to use you here until now!”

“HGI is the difference between life and death to me.”