HGI’s International Certificate in Collaborative Practices (ICCP)

This 120+hour International Certificate in Collaborative Practices  (ICCP) program offers intensive two-day workshops over 18 months. The next class begins in the fall of 2017. Our premier faculty include: Harlene Anderson, Diana Carleton, Sue Levin, Sylvia London, Cathy King, Neca Rodriguez, Saliha Bava, Stephanie Gabel Zepeda, Thelma Jean Goodrich and Adriana Gil-Wilkerson. Additional on-line learning and resources are part of this program.The ICCP is offered around the world and gives practitioners the opportunity to expand their knowledge and competency in collaborative and dialogic practices across disciplines—therapy, organization development, education and research. Participants are encouraged to learn in other settings through exchange with other programs. These are offered in the following countries: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, China, Czech Republic, Mexico, Paraguay, Spain, Taiwan and USA.
For more information and to register to the program – please click here.
HGI is happy to invite students and faculty to visit from other ICCP programs, as part of the learning exchange.  Please join us for one of our two-day intensive trainings.  See the link below to find dates and topics.  If you would like to extend your visit, please know that we would do everything we can to host you, and will work out details regarding lodging and fees on a case-by-case basis.

Interview is required to register: Contact Sue Levin (sue@talkhgi.com) or Adriana Gil-Wilkerson (agil-wilkerson@talkhgi.com) or call (713) 526-8390

For more information on our Certificate Program contact us at (713) 526-8390 or admin@talkhgi.com