Our Therapists- Alyce Chu

Alyce Chu



  Alyce Chu, Intern
  University of Houston



“People do the best they can with what knowledge, skill, and experience they have.” –Dr. Jaime Cohen

I used to believe that I could plan my life and direct it where I wanted it to go. But eventually, life began to have its own ideas, and I was lucky to have plenty of support around me, be it in the form of friends or family. However, there still came a time when even those close to me were not enough. It was in those times that I learned just how immensely helpful counseling can be. Without it, I would not be standing here today, I am sure.

Now I know that there are times when a person cannot do much more than take what life has presented and just persevere. But sometimes, it can be difficult to accept where life has taken you and simply keep going. As a therapist, I hope to be able to collaborate with you, the client, to help you make more sense of your life in a way that most benefits you, so that you can go about your life once again. Only you understand yourself and your own life as you experienced it, so as a therapist, rather than prescribe solutions for you, my goal will be to collaborate with you to best serve you and your concerns.

Though I am currently a therapist-in-training, I expect to graduate with my Master of Education in Counseling this May, and hope to begin working towards official licensure by the following fall. At present, I have experience working with individuals and couples encompassing a variety of subject matters, including stress, depression, anxiety, anger management, and sexual orientation. If services in Mandarin are necessary, I can be of some assistance as well.

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