Our Therapists- Sue Levin



  Sue Levin, Ph.D., Executive Director
  LMFT- Supervisor, LPC- Supervisor

“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”
― Ernest Hemingway


Helping people has been a life-long ambition and the opportunity to serve others as a therapist, mentor, organizational leader and employer is a dream come true.  I am grateful for the many people who have taught me to be a good listener so I can learn what is important to each and every person who is looking for help.  I believe that there is always hope and am willing to work to make opportunities for change.  I believe that the smallest change can catapult other and bigger changes, so no effort is wasted.  I believe that there is much we do not know about change, and how to effect it.  I believe we may never have all the answers.  I believe we must continue to try, even when we do not know what to do.  I believe life is about trying.

As a therapist I have worked with individuals, couples and families at all ages and stages of their lives.  I understand that each person is unique and despite my years of experience, I must listen to each story to learn what is important in this particular situation.  I have been known to be able to help people who have complicated and long-standing dilemmas, people who are considered “difficult” to other therapists, and people who have not been able to find the help they need.  I believe that all people can benefit from therapy if they find the right therapist.

Over the years, I have decided not to have “specialties” or a clinical “niche”.  I made this decision because I believe I would not listen as well; that I would jump to conclusions and use past experience to inform me instead of being informed by each client I see.  I never want to stop listening, nor do I ever want to think that I have all the answers.

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